Thursday, December 2, 2010


As i realised,now is december already..time moves so fast..means i have 1 more month to complete my work..previous post show that i have spirit to get awake from my dreamlife..but now..again,i feel my life is empty and i bet,again i'll be motivated with something..and again...i keep changing my mind...i to achieve my goal if i continue behave like this...spm is just next year and now i still act like spm is too far away..yes..i really wish to get straight A's for SPM..but i do action..i'm juz hoping world miracle would happen...getting A for all subjects during standardized test sound impossible 2 me..yes..i still set a negative thinking in my mind..i've tried to avoid this but i can't...huh...still hoping for THE WORLD MIRACLE....

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