Monday, December 27, 2010

NeW HAircuT,,,

Hmm..x dew la new sgt ...juz nipiskn n ptong layer cket...still look mcm haircut sbelom niey,,cme fringe 2 jew la..da lme x ptong pndek mcm niey..owh ya,my adek pon cut her hair..sblom niey ssah jew law nk sroh ptong rmbot..ptong rmbot cam aq lak tuw..haha..tiru...

Saturday, December 25, 2010

nichkhun:handsome,cute+victoria:preety=perfect couple...urgh,,,sweetnye couple niey...everytime tgk WGM rse bez sgt...nichkhun niey romantik kelas 1...he did a lot of things to make victoria happy..if i were victoria,i'll never let nichkhun go away...hurmm,,how i wish to have a bf yg sweetttt sgt2 mcm nichkhun...indahnye dunia...huhu


these 3 days,,i was quite bz...x smpat nk wat h/w;ambil mama kt ipoh...thurs;went out bli brg2 izzat...fri;kmas pon kmas uma coz byk furniture bru smpai...rumah nmpk serabot sgt2..but today better la jgk drpd smalam...

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

After sometimes.....

hOLiday almost cOmes to the EnD...huh...cpatnye mse brlalu..mama pon da blek from kursus,dpt men keyboard kt uma...huhu...cruel love da x tgk til the end sad to see suhwan mati..n then,he's beautiful started kt 8tv..however,storyline ctew tuw aq da bley jangka...common sgt...ntv7 plak siar blek ctew stairways to heaven..huh..mkin mnjadi2 tgk ctew korea a few lg blom siap..haha..x de la a few sgt..a lot jgk la..but,buat jgk la cket2...hehe..ok!aq da dpt camera bkn model n colour yg aq quite similar la..mcm pic kt atas tuw..cme yg aq bli niey,touch skrin...BEAST,4MINUTES n G.NA will b comin to malaysia for digi's k-pop concert...OMG!GO K-POP!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sweet couple ever ! x hbis2 search bout khuntoria...i luv to see them together..nichkhun is totally i wish to be victoria..haha..vic is also very cute..she keep laughing all the sdar yg cri psal dyeorng niey mmg kinda waste my time+x dpt any benefit pon..but i juz happy to see them..urgh...h/w byk lg x sntuh niey..aduh...bile la nk serious..whatever it is,,i luv khuntoria soooo much!

Friday, December 3, 2010

I change my mind again

Life is hard,but it must go on..nothing can stop it to flow..Although we have been trampled,been hit repeatedly,been cheated on,been left by someone who means the world to us,life still have to go on..We can't giving up,we can only hold the mistaken..We all have been filled by love,hate,anger,hope,happiness,grief,lust,devastated..At all once,we still managed to breath..Sometimes things work out, but sometimes they don't..That is just the way life live...

Thursday, December 2, 2010


As i realised,now is december already..time moves so fast..means i have 1 more month to complete my work..previous post show that i have spirit to get awake from my dreamlife..but now..again,i feel my life is empty and i bet,again i'll be motivated with something..and again...i keep changing my mind...i to achieve my goal if i continue behave like this...spm is just next year and now i still act like spm is too far away..yes..i really wish to get straight A's for SPM..but i do action..i'm juz hoping world miracle would happen...getting A for all subjects during standardized test sound impossible 2 me..yes..i still set a negative thinking in my mind..i've tried to avoid this but i can't...huh...still hoping for THE WORLD MIRACLE....